5 Popular Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria


5 Popular Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

July 23, 2020

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

On diabetes, there are many popular myths. Here are a few which I often hear.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria No 1 – Diabetics can’t eat sugar or sweets

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

And the only reason they’ve got diabetes is because they’ve eaten too much.

Yes, simple carbohydrates or sweets increase blood glucose levels, but if you eat them moderately and make them part of your meal plan, you can eat an occasional sweet safely.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria No 2 – I’m free from Diabetes if I’m skinny.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

Diabetes is nothing more than a disease obese people get.

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Not entirely true, 20 percent of people who have type 2 diabetes are slim. Yes, being obese puts you at risk for diabetes of type 2, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The key thing to remember is there’s nobody type “diabetes,” genetic trait, race, age, or gender. Lifestyle choices cause type 2 diabetes and diabetes is a disease to be taken seriously.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria No 3 – Diabetes doesn’t have a natural remedy.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

If I take insulin or insulin sensitivity drugs, I can continue and be alright with my same lifestyle choices. Well there’s a natural remedy, it’s called exercise and eating well.

By monitoring your glucose levels, combining exercise with balanced eating, or using medication, you can keep a tight control on diabetes.

What natural product cures diabetes?

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria No 4 – My blood sugar level is normal so I am safe

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

Well I ‘m only borderline and 170 mg / dl blood sugar reading is normal for me. You may feel normal being a diabetic but high glucose levels are not safe.

There is no borderline type of thing. You are either a diabetic or not. This is a severe illness requiring you to take personal responsibility for your body.

There are serious health complications associated with diabetes, particularly when high blood sugar levels stress your body. You have to start to make lifestyle changes so that you can live a quality life over the long term.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria No 5 – Exercise! What can that do for me?

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria
Happy woman with excess weight smiling and exercising

Healthy Lifestyle! I know Yeah , yeah. The American Diabetic Association is recommending 150 minutes of workout per week.

This is exercise of 20-60 minutes, in continuous sessions, 3-5 times a week. The Diabetes Prevention Study revealed that exercising can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 50%, which can be as low as 20 minutes, 6 days a week, for a total of two hours per week.

Take a short 10 minute walk before and after work and you can prevent diabetes or reduce your glucose levels. The fact is, more than 90 percent of cases of diabetes are preventable and can be maintained with some natural remedies such as exercise , healthy eating, and/or combined with low doses of medication without breaking the bank.

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria

Myths on Diabetes in Nigeria
Young sporty woman practicing yoga at home

Gradually start and exercise a little daily until you build up to the recommended guidelines. Eat a healthy , balanced diet and lose approach to everything or nothing.

Exercising consistently will help curb down the rate of Diabetes in Nigeria. Get educated about your illness, determine what your beliefs are about diabetes and start making lifestyle changes today.

In conclusion, If you’re sedentary and considering starting an exercise program, it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor first, to make sure there are no restrictions or special precautions. It’s always a good idea to start gradually and build up to your personal goal.


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