6 Natural Type 2 Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria


6 Natural Type 2 Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria

July 24, 2020

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria – 6 Natural Remedies

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Okay, I was very fortunate and never suffered personally with this particular debilitating and increasingly expanding, health-destroying illness-the few times my blood-sugar hit a big spike was just by my own doing-or I should say “over-doing.”

Unfortunately, (hey, nobody should WANT to experience this in any way, right..!) I have gained a lot of experience in the last few decades or so due to the ‘sufferings’ of family members and close friends.

Diabetes is not fun, but it is very manageable and, in the case of the “Type 2 variety,” because it is more often than not a question of “lifestyle” and/or “dietary” It’s completely preventable and generally healable – that’s right, ‘Type 2 diabetes CAN BE CURED – IF YOU WANT IT TO BE.

And this fact has been proven to be true, not only through my own positive experiences but also through the numerous tests, tests and studies carried out by major scientific and medical communities all over the world-and “natural” products, which you can find at home, are a huge part of prevention and cure …


Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

I think it’s important to impress on you a few FACTS before we go any further, and get some unnecessary thingd out of the way at the same time

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

TYPE 1 MELLITUS DIABETS-your pancreas just doesn’t produce insulin, at all … Always.

With this type, you ‘re fully dependent on timed and regulated injections of insulin doses directly into your blood-stream.

At the time of writing this article, exhaustive and detailed research carried out by “yours truly” has re-confirmed that ‘TYPE 1′ DIABETES CANNOT BE CURED and if anybody right now is claiming the opposite or trying to sell you some “miracle cure”, ignore them. They ‘re either very misinformed or they’re out-n-out lying to you-probably because they want to screw you out of some of your hard-earned cash ..!

Hopefully that will change in the future somewhere. Exhaustive studies continue to be a major on-going task for the broad scientific community.

The best analogy I can think of is as follows: ‘Type 1 diabetes is like born without a left hand… No matter what type of “miracle cure” they’re trying to sell you, you’re never going to be able to grow that hand… BUT you’ll be able to absolutely adapt your lifestyle and live a full and happy life without it.

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS-your pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the cells in your body just won’t respond to insulin.


Stop Sugar Consumption, of any type: Pastries, cookies, fizzy drinks and many other types of foods and drinks-if you ‘ve read all my articles before, you’ll know that sugar is pure poison and you’ll learn what it’s doing to you-apart from what it’s doing as a major contributor to diabetes.

Stop Smoking: I don’t really think I have to say more about this stinky, murderous habit, because I’ve written a lot about it too!

Stop EXCESSIVE Alcohol Consumption: moderation is key … a little bit of what you like can be beneficial – everyday heavy consumption or “binge-drinking” is health destroying and will definitely worsen your diabetes condition.

Eat “Naturally” Healthy: if you pay attention to my newsletters and articles, you should now know what I’m saying … Healthy fats and oils, organic and power-foods wherever and whenever possible-simple ..!

Exercise: I can’t emphasize enough how a daily session of sweat-inducing, lung-expanding exercise is absolutely paramount to your good health and especially important to keep diabetes at bay — it doesn’t have to be a long session, it’s going to take 20 minutes, and it can be whatever you prefer, as long as you do something — it’s going to help big time …


Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Apart from the obvious rise in blood-sugar levels, there are these:

♦ Constant fatigue

♦ Blurred vision

♦ Numbness or “tingling” at your extremities (fingertips, toes etc.)

♦ A constant thirst

♦ Excessive urination

♦ Raised blood pressure

♦ Minor injuries like cuts and grazes, are slow to heal.


Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

While there are quite a number of herbs, foods or methods to remedy the unwanted effects of Type 2 diabetes, these are my personal favorites (and I personally use a few of them practically every day) because they always seemed to make up a large part of family and friends’ diets as they made their journey towards their cure, and they’re all pretty much based on things you can easily find in.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria # 1 – Cinnamon

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Its effective use as a remedy for type 2 diabetes is still a topic for discussion among those who want to take the time to discuss it, but the fact is that cinnamon consumption is a hundred-year – old habit that has always been associated with body health-in more than one way.

Several studies and reviews with what I think are very positive results have been carried out in the last years …

“A review of several recent studies in 2012 concluded that cinnamon use had a potentially beneficial effect on glycemic control …. A 2009 study found that a 500 mg cinnamon capsule taken twice a day for 90 days improved levels of hemoglobin A1C in people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes (hemoglobin A1C levels greater than 7 per cent).

“The results of another study showed that the intake of 1, 3 or 6 g cinnamon per day reduces serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes and suggests that the inclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes would reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.”

Everyone I’ve ever known to suffer with diabetes has sworn that it’s helped them as part of their lifestyle they’ve been undertaking Type 2 control or totally cure-a terrible lot of them have succeeded … To me, that’s good enough.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria # 2 – Garlic

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Already well known for maintaining its health and improving properties, garlic also helps to remedy the effects of diabetes due to its high content of “allicin,” a known fixer of “hypoglycemia.”

Its’ known to increase insulin release and thus regulates blood sugar levels … A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found garlic (and ginger actually) was highly effective in increasing your body’s insulin content so that glucose tolerance improved … Another study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has shown that garlic has great potential to protect your heart from cardiomyopathy caused by diabetes.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria #3 – Vitamin C

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

New studies have added to the enormously growing amount of research showing that vitamin C – as well as regular consumption of high-grade vegetables and fruits, generally have positive effects on diabetes symptoms.

Vitamin C actually lowers levels of “sorbitol,” the sugar that damages the cells in a diabetes sufferer ‘s eyes, kidneys and nerves … This makes a lot of sense when it is a fact that diabetes is a disease known for its ugly oxidative damage record – damage to your cells and DNA caused by rogue molecules called ‘free radicals.’

Antioxidants like vitamin C offer frontline protection against these free radicals.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria # 4 – Fresh water

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies

Water has a great diuretic effect and can ensure that excess sugar is passed through the urination act, which helps to maintain a healthy level of glucose within your body.

All recent studies have shown that Type 2 sufferers normally show an obvious improvement in their blood-sugar levels by consuming substantial amounts of water per day, up to 2.5 litres.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria # 5 – Grape Seed Extract

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies
Grape seed

Grape seeds are rich in flavonoids, linoleic acid and vitamin E and this is a good reason to suspect that they are of definite help to cure type 2 diabetes.

Studies on this nutrient-rich food source, taken in capsule form,[3] have resulted in no less than a positive feedback each time-and diabetes sufferer everywhere are certainly positive that it has helped them in the past and continues to do so.

Diabetes Remedies in Nigeria # 6Fenugreek

Type 2 Diabetes Remedies
Fenugreek seeds with green leaves over white

This is another proven food item that is a definite aid in controlling your diabetes-induced problems-again, research[4] and scientific studies have shown that it has several beneficial effects on your good health.

The seeds are steeped in hot water, and then drank the resulting ‘tea’ – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach… The soil and the powdered seeds may be mixed in milk or other herbal teas etc.

Final Anecdote:

Whatever diabetes type or level you have, just understand that you’re NOT ALONE and you’re NOT BLAME. Every continent has many like yourself.

Our modern lifestyle coupled with the likes of Big-Food and Big-Pharma, who have made it their mission over the last half-century or so to destroy your health with heavily over-processed and genetically-modified foods and dangerous drugs to treat the results of consuming those foods is the problem where the real blame lies.

Be good to your body. Eat healthy, healthy foods and fats, avoid the sugar poison supplied by food companies in abundance and practice a short, daily session of good body toning, calming mind exercise.

And you’re going to cheat the food and pharmaceutical companies successfully out of at least some of the billions in cash that they rape from you and millions of others around the world like you.

Exercising consistently will help curb down the rate of Diabetes in Nigeria. Exercise can reduce the need for dosage or medication, and improve the ability to lose and/or maintain body weight when combined with an intuitive diet.

its all about “Natural Health & Wellness for the mind, the body and the soul…

Live Naturally Healthy, Live Long.


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