Diabetes and Nigeria – What Is Diabetes?


Diabetes and Nigeria – What Is Diabetes?

July 24, 2020

Diabetes and Nigeria – What Is Diabetes?

What Is Diabetes

What Is Diabetes? Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes is also referred to as diabetes mellitus, and may broadly be classified as a category of ailments wherein a person has high blood glucose levels.

This could be either because insulin production in one’s body is not sufficient, or the body fails to respond to the insulin in the required way. Some of the very common symptoms associated with diabetes are frequent thirst, hunger, and urination.

In some cases, diabetes might be a lifelong condition, characterized by high levels of blood glucose. The condition is commonly prevalent, and the disorder affected 382 million people worldwide in the year 2013.

What Is Diabetes

If you have type 1 diabetes, you have to take insulin injections for the rest of your life, follow a particular diet, and also monitor your blood glucose levels through regular blood tests.

What Is Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, however, is a much more prevalent type of diabetes, and almost 90 per cent of people suffering from this disorder have type 2 diabetes.

When one suffers from type 2 diabetes, in a condition known as insulin resistance, the body does not produce insulin in adequate quantities or the body cells do not react to insulins.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that is relatively easier to control for many people and one can keep a check on Type 2 diabetes symptoms by keeping one ‘s weight within recommended limits, making sure one eats a healthy diet, getting some regular exercise, and monitoring one’s blood glucose levels at regular intervals.

Gestative Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is an important classification of diabetes which affects women during pregnancy.

Women sometimes have higher-level blood glucose levels during pregnancy, and their bodies do not produce enough insulin to carry this glucose into their cells.

Gestational diabetes can only be diagnosed during pregnancy, and a vast majority of patients can control their condition through diet and exercise. However, 10-20 percent of patients need to take specific medicines to have their blood glucose levels checked.

An important way one can prevent the condition is by making sure that during pregnancy one consumes a low cholesterol diet.

Diabetes and Nigeria – When do people get diabetes?

What Is Diabetes
Obesity is a major cause of diabetes.

One has a greater risk of developing diabetes when one is overweight. One of the reasons for the same is because the body releases chemicals when one is obese which can work to destabilize the metabolic and cardiovascular systems of the body.

So being overweight is all interrelated with not consuming the right type of diet and developing type 2 diabetes. Another important factor known to significantly increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is ageing.

Alternatively, some of the other factors that can cause diabetes are genetics, family history or even an unhealthy diet.

Some Simple Change in Lifestyle To Overcome Diabetes in Nigeria!

What Is Diabetes

One must avoid skipping meals to keep a check on diabetes. This may increase the levels of blood sugar and may even lead to weight gain.

Taking care of one’s diet is a factor that can go a long way to allowing one to keep a diabetes check, or even overcome the condition.

Similarly, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help control diabetes, as fruits and vegetables are full of fibres.

This helps us to stay full, and the high content of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables helps to ensure that nutrition is provided to the body. This keeps one energetic and one is not tempted to go for foods that are sugar.

As a rule, one must avoid all foods which have a higher glycemic index, like chips and salty snacks, and one must keep a check on the consumption of fatty foods as well. Similarly, starches from white rice, potatoes, and whole grains could also influence diabetes.

What Is Diabetes

Something as simple as drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is a factor that can go a long way toward diabetes prevention and control. Similarly, for someone who is a diabetic even a slight weight loss can work wonders.

A slight weight loss of up to 5-10 percent can have the same effect on a diabetic as anti-diabetic pills while being the healthiest way to get over diabetes!

What Is Diabetes

And if you’re thinking about getting some good exercise, walking is one of the best options!

Walking reduces the risk of many ailments such as diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis; this will keep your heart stronger and help you lose weight.

Exercising consistently will help curb down the rate of Diabetes in Nigeria. Exercise can reduce the need for dosage or medication, and improve the ability to lose and/or maintain body weight when combined with an intuitive diet.


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