STC30 Price in Various Countries

STC30 is a relatively new health supplement that is sold in packets, each packet containing 15 sachets of the medication with each sachet containing the supplement in powder form. This is meant to be taken one per day for at least a month (or two per day depending on the severity of the illness being treated).

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Prices of STC30 Per Country

Superlife Stc30 Price In Nigeria

The cost of STC30 in Nigeria is influenced greatly by the person selling and the source through which it is obtained whether direct from the company or as a reseller buying from a member. The supplement cost  N24,000


STC30 Price In Kenya

The price of Superlife STC30 in Kenya lies between 6,385 KSh to 8,326 KSh per packet of 15 sachets. This is according to our estimated dollar conversions. we have seen a lot of growth in Kenya from where the business has spread to other East African countries.


Superlife STC30 Price In South Africa

he price of STC30 in South Africa lies between 900 Rand to 1,175 Rand per packet on the average. South Africa has perhaps the largest population and fastest growth potential of the Superlife World company.


STC30 Price In Zambia

The price of STC30 in Zambia Kwacha (ZMW or ZMK) falls between K857 to K1,120 This figure is based on our dollar conversions. However, on local online websites like Jumia, some sellers have been observed to offer promo prices.


Superlife STC30 Price in UK

The price of STC30 in the United Kingdom is between 50 Pounds to 65 Great Britain Pounds Sterling. In the UK, there are numerous health regulations and other restrictions that unfortunately seem to be impeding the growth of Superlife STC30


Superlife STC30 Price In Ghana

The price for STC30 in Ghana is between GH₵360 to GH₵470 per packet of 15 sachets Ghana has the second largest and second fastest growing Superlife membership and usage community in West Africa. There has also been a great number of testimonies of  healings .


Superlife STC30 Price In India

The cost of STC30 in India falls between Rs 4,520 to Rs 5,900 per packet India has probably the second fastest growing uptake of STC30 in the Asian continent, superceded only by Malaysia which has the advantage of being the home country of the Superlife company.


Superlife STC30 Price In Malaysia

The cost of STC30 in Malaysia lies between RM263 to RM343 for a packet containing 15 sachets Malaysia is the home country of Superlife World company, the original place of birth of the company that makes the STC30 supplement.


Superlife Stc30 Price In Zimbabwe

The cost of STC30 in Zimbabwe is between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet of 15 sachets. Zimbabwe is another fast growing market for Superlife STC30. It was one of the first African countries that bought lots of STC30. Superlife is in high demand in Zimbabwe


Superlife STC30 Price USA

The cost of STC30 in the USA is between US$63.45 and US$82.75 per packet of 15 sachets STC30 In the United States of America is still a rather new phenomenon and the community there is still in its fledgling state.


Superlife STC30 Price In Uganda

The cost of STC30 in Uganda is between  232,405 USh to 303,100 USh per packet Uganda is the second biggest market for STC30 in the eastern Africa region. It comes after Kenya and before Tanzania in the rankings.


Superlife Stc30 Price in Philippines

The price of STC30 in the Philippines falls in the range of ₱3,225 and ₱4,205 per packet. Philippines is another large and fast growing market for STC30 and the prices you will find there are fair enough when compared to the global prices


Stc30 Price In Bangladesh

The cost of STC30 in Bangladesh falls between Tk. 5,386 to Tk. 7,025 for a packet. The figure above is an estimate. There is no fixed price of Superlife STC30 in Bangladesh, rather, the price varies according to the factors


Superlife Stc30 Price in UAE

The cost of STC30 in the UAE is in the range of AED233 Dirham to AED303 Dirham per packet. The presence of STC30 in the United Arab Emirates is still minimal mostly due to tight controls by the government. But Dubai is more flexible


How to Buy Superlife STC30

Now that you have an estimate of the prices for STC30 in your country, you may be wondering how you can get this product to buy.. The ways to buy this product are either direct from the company (if you are a member) or direct from the seller (if you are not a member of if you have exceeded your membership quota. You can also get them to buy online because some sellers have put theirs up for sale on online e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, Amazon etc.

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