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Arthritis In my job I spend long periods on my feet. I also have an old sports injury in my knee. I told my Doctor of the pain in my right knee –he told me that I needed the cartilage removed! My son recommended I try the SuperLife STC30 and within six weeks, I noticed mobility returning to the knee. It was less stiff and I could walk for longer periods. Four months later, I am not in pain any more Mrs Ngozi Enugu
Mrs Ngozi
Enugu Nigeria.
To whom it may concern, I just want to write a few words to say how pleased I am since I started using Superlife STC30. I used to pee for average 7 to 8 time before day break, I couldn't eat any starchy food as my blood sugar level is usually around 320mg/dl I've taken various medications without getting any desirable result, sometimes orthodox diabetes drugs will crash my sugar level to as low as 150mg/dl but in less than 48hrs i will be back to 320mg/dl average not until i came across this miracle product which has helped me maintain a stanble 100-120mg/dl I am really exited with my new found healthy lifestyle......thanks to superLife STC30
Despite having doubts in the beginning, I have seen that STC30 is what it has stood for. A patient who was observed to be diabetic and still taking insulin shots was introduced to STC30. The results (after STC30) show that the patient has less diabetic attack in the sense that the sugar level stabilize despite not taking insulin shots as we want to prove that it is not the insulin but the STC30. The fact that the patient is not taking the regular treatment (insulin) at the time and taking only STC30 shows that it was a direct result of STC30, working at cellular level in your body.It is a product that rejuvenates, repairs and replicates cells in your body. It shows that a disease comes to a point where it is fixed, if I can use a very loose term, and not treated.The fact that this is not a medication, it is a supplement, it can be taken by any human beings who have cells in their bodies, from a newborn baby to a very elderly.It is not only used in the case of disease but also used to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while we know that cells are always replicating themselves and rejuvenating themselves. The constant use of STC30 is to your advantage whether there is presence of disease or not.

Dr Chipo

a medical doctor based in Pretoria, South Africa

STC30 Testimony of Fibroid

STC30 Testimony Breast cancer

Stem Cell therapy via Superlife STC30 working wonders for a lady with a very large abnormal growth on her neck and serious headaches, migraines, insomnia, lack of appetite and lots more now gone with the growth gone and rapidly drying up! Watch the video

Superlife STC30 Testimony on Very Large Growth Shrunk

STC30 Testimony on Sickle Cell Anaemia (Sickler)

Superlife STC30 Testimonies: High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Stc30 Testimony


One of my elderly relatives had kidney issues and also had actually been taken to FMC Owerri times without matter without a positive outcome. He’s chosen dialysis many times however to no avail. All these while, I wasn’t familiar with his ill health. When I made my initial message about STC30 and also Super Life, my relative that lives in London saw it and also rapidly chatted me up – she asked me to tell her more concerning STC30. I fast forwarded a few video statements of those that STC30 has healed from different health conditions. She stated,” Peter brother Ben has a kidney issue,”. Though the news was heartbreaking however I really did not panic since I trusted my STC30 so well. I told my relatives to relax so that STC30 can do the work. She asked me the expense and also I told her N27500, minus the waybill fare. She required my account number instantly as well as I sent it. Within 20 minutes, I had seen the debt alert.

Within 2 days, STC30 was supplied to Owerri. They called me as well as I provided direction on how to utilize it.

To my greatest shock, around previous 09:00 PM the other day, I was viewing champs league suit between Male City vs Spur, my phone called, it was Emma my sibling, he said, “Perosky there is adorable information,” I was so curious to find out the news, “What kind of medicine is that? Do you believe that after utilizing STC30 for just six days, bro. Ben went back to the hospital for a check up and also the doctor stated the kidney is regular and healthy?

I shouted in a loud voice for joy.

Join me, applaud Creator over do.

Superlife STC30 Testimonies: Prostate Cancer Stc30 Testimony

Like I said in my first testimony, I decided to have surgery to have them eliminate the cancer from my colon. It was done last week. They said the lump they brought out was extremely little as against the huge mass that was currently bleeding. They additionally drew out 42 lymph nodes because it is by lymph nodes that metastasis happens. Metastasis is when cancer infects various other parts of the body. They checked every one of all 42 lymph nodes as well as they were surprised and also thrilled that not one of them had cancer in it.

So I have been pronounced CANCER-FREE. This has been validated by the Surgeon, by the Oncologist (cancer doctor) and additionally by my Primary Health Doctor where I’m just originating from this night.

Meanwhile, one more blood test that they had done to figure out if I was prone to embolism came out unfavorable, meaning I was not clinically prone to embolism which it happened to me due to the cancer. CURRENTLY I AM CANCER-FREE … Between February 14, 2019 when I first fell sick and also was confessed into hospital and also today April 29, 2019 when the last of my physicians validated that I AM CANCER-FREE.

They said that I do not need any kind of radiation treatment whatsoever which I ought to just go and also commemorate and also appreciate my life

Splendor to God in the Highest possible

I will certainly permanently be grateful to God Almighty for His tender mercies on me. I am astonished at His Magnificence and also His Mercy.

I am likewise extremely grateful and also appreciative of Mrs. Esther, the great I CAN BE and also my vibrant close friend that introduced STC30 to me. May God honor you, your family as well as your business generously… Amen

Superlife Stc30 Testimony From ENUGU

My sis in Enugu began utilizing STC30 on the second of March 2019, she called me after she utilized about 12satchets to say that her doctor couldn’t think that her BP could come so normal. Her sugar level is so regular. The doctor claimed if the two criteria remain so till her next visit in three months time she will certainly be released from the diabetes clinic.

Just yesterday, she contacted us to state that individuals are beginning to state that there is something regarding her appearance they don’t comprehend. Her lecturer challenged her that she is obtaining more youthful as she is advancing in age. This shows the age renewing results of STC30.


This is the testimony of a dear friend and sibling to me. I added her to the Benin group as well as after checking out the statements and efficacy of stc30 she opened up to me that she has cancer of the lungs.

I encouraged her to start stc30 immediately as well as without hesitation she sent money for 20 packs and I quickly sent the item to her with DHL to UNITED STATES where she’s based.

She informed me she will certainly be going with a test by ending of March as well as I asked my team in the workplace to join me in petitions for a buddy that is suffering from cancer of the lungs, that by the time she will be going for her examination medical professionals can not discover any type of trace of cancer as well as she will never ever begin any kind of chemotherapy and today here comes her testimony.

Just God recognizes what her tale would certainly have been today if she was still doubting and contemplating whether to make use of stc30 or otherwise.

I just wish to return all splendor to Creator over do for choosing us as a vessel through desire lives are been touched with this God sent item * STC30 *.


Superlife Stc30 Testimony of Mrs. SHOLA ADELOWO

My name is Olushola Adelowo, I got married in 2006,13 years ago.As a young virgin, contemporary of university, marital relationship for me was the start of an imagined satisfied household.

As I surrendered my Virginity to my Honey other half throughout our honeymoon, I thought about how pleased he’ll be if I revealed my maternity.

result a month later.

A month came, as well as absolutely nothing! We came to be concerned, we obtained tests, my husband was diagnosed okay, while I was diagnosed with numerous fibroid. After that, I had my first surgery to eliminate fibroid.

The Delight of conceiving after 2years of marriage recognized no bounds … but after that,7 weeks into my pregnancy, I was operated for an ectopic pregnancy.

To cut the tale short, we had a collection of tests in your area as well as globally, we had 2 stopped working IVF in India as well as Germany.

My 11 years of TTC struggle made me hormonal imbalance, blocked fallopian tube due to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I shed hope in life, individuals called me names, and my in-laws even intimidated me to toss me out of their Son’s house … I came to be suicidal so much my encouraging hubby maintained me under 24hrs security.

But then, at this moment, God brought plant stem cells,( SUPER LIFE STC30) therapy my method February 2018 via a pal that had the inability to conceive problems also, but conceived, the remainder became history.

My treatment lasted for about 8weeks and also I conceived by the third month of the therapy. Today I am a happy mommy of twin baby kid’s.

Superlife Stc30 Testimonies: I OBTAINED PREGNANT WITH STC30

for 7years counting my hubby and I were trying for the arrival of a 2nd baby into the family.

A Gynacologist made a STC30 prescription for the two people and also in simply a month, my record got various.

I evaluated Positive.

Its 2months gone and the child is kicking so well.

I celebrate my God and also my gyna for bringing STC30 my way.

* An additional STC30 endorsement On outcome for fertility *.

My first child was a fertility infant as well as 5yrs after my initial child, getting pregnant again became almost a marriage.

From one Gynachologist to the various others till I satisfied this last one who presented me with an STC30 stemcell item from Superlife.

I was to start a fertility drug in days time but she made me not to take them cos of course i had actually taken many that don’t work.

She offered me STC30 and also firmly insisted I try it for a month.

Behold after simply a package, it was on day 17 that i was bold enough to go with a pregnancy examination and witness i examined POSITIVE … Am 6months old and I chose to take STC30 throughout my pregnancy. Simply a sachet a day as well as its been Super for Baby & I.

Prior to taking STD30, I had actually never been pregnant without deliberatly preparing for it on my own because it was diagnosed. I struggled with the inability to conceive cos I was not ovulating for many years.

Because I was familiar with STC30, it has actually brought alleviation to numerous around me of my testimony.

Several have utilized it on fibroid, Cancer, Abscess, Sexually transmitted illness, and so on … and resemble wow, life certainly is Super with STC30, Why not attempt today?

Passage From Sola Adelowo's The inability to conceive, Treated With Plant Stem Cell Therapy stc30.


“” My story is a strange one among TTC ladies. My name is Olushola Adelowo, I got married 13years ago. As a young virgin, contemporary of university, marriage for me was the start of a desire for a delighted family member.

As I surrendered my virginity to my Prince charming during our honeymoon, I thought of exactly how satisfied he’ll be if I revealed my pregnancy result a month later.

A month came, as well as absolutely nothing! We came to be concerned, we obtained tests, my hubby was diagnosed okay, while I was diagnosed with several fibroid. After that I had my very first surgery to remove fibroid.

The pleasure of becoming pregnant after 2years of marriage knew no bounds … yet after that, 7 weeks into my pregnancy, I was run for an ectopic maternity.

To reduce my tale short, we had collection of tests locally and also globally, saw top medical facilities, took many herbs and also supplements. We had 2 stopped working IVF in India and also Germany.

My 11years TTC struggle made me hormonal imbalance, blocked fallopian tube due to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, as well as surgery for an ectopic maternity. I shed hope in life, individuals called me names, as well as my in-laws even threatened to throw me out of their kid’s home … I ended up being suicidal a lot. My helpful husband maintained me under 24hrs monitoring. But after that, God brought plant stem cell therapy my way in February 2017 via a buddy that had an infertility problem also yet conceived. The remainder became history. My treatment lasted for about 8weeks as well as I became pregnant by the third month of the therapy. Today, I am a happy mother of twin child kids !!!””. Plant Derived Stem Cell Therapy Is Effective In The Therapy Of All Man & Women Infertility Problems.

Superlife Stc30 Testimonials From Affiliate of STC30 Superlife Product.

Superlife Stc30 Infertility testimony

Superlife stc30 Kidney Problem testimony

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