Steps To Help Those With Sickle Cell Disease
July 30, 2020

14 Steps To Help Those With Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease primarily affects ancestral Africans, Mediterraneans, Middle Easterners and Asian Indians. In the Latin American population , especially those of Caribbean, Central American, and South American ancestry, there is also a growing segment.

sickle cell disease
July 30, 2020

Sickle Cell Disease – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Sickle cell disease is a type of blood related disorder that affects the red blood cells. Hemoglobin, as we all know, is the key substance in the red blood cells which carries oxygen to the lungs and other parts of the human body.

July 27, 2020


Atherosclerosis (hardening of the coronary arteries) is the most common cause of heart disease in diabetics due to a build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels that supply the artery. The build-up typically starts until there is a significant rise in blood glucose levels. If you have abnormally high cholesterol levels there is an 85 percent chance you will have diabetes as well.

heart disease
July 27, 2020

Heart Diseases – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Heart Diseases

The causes of heart disease are various. Most cardiac diseases are caused by high blood pressure which helps to harden the arteries. In addition to cancer, heart disease is killing more than 2,000 Americans every day. Close to 60 million Americans suffer from heart disease, Therefore check out the causes of Heart diseases.

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